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Strawbridge Health delivers comprehensive primary care services through a simple and affordable fixed monthly rate. Ancillary services including labs are provided on an ala carte basis; unless included in your membership Care Plan. There are no hidden fees or prior authorizations associated with your membership. No insurance is required. We encourage people to have medical insurance, if possible, to cover specialty care and catastrophic costs that can be associated with your healthcare needs. These costs may include but are not limited to specialty procedures, hospitalizations, and surgeries. This healthcare membership program is designed to provide affordable maintenance and preventive care. These efforts are designed to mitigate the need for more intense or specialty care. For members with insurance, you are benefitting from a personal relationship with your provider who can address your acute/chronic needs, in addition to coordinating your care with other specialty providers.

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This service does not and will not substitute for medical insurance. You will be responsible for the cost of your prescription drugs and radiological studies that may be ordered as a part of your treatment plan. The provider will prescribe medications on the formularies of the pharmacies with discounted medications; medications that are available for purchase using the discount prescription cards, and lastly medications that are provided by Patient Assistance programs offered by the pharmaceutical companies.

    NOTE: You will be responsible for the cost of your labs (not included in your plan), diagnostic studies (x-rays, EKG, spirometry), and medication.

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    • No Hidden Costs
    • Personalized Patient Care
    • Discounted Labs & Specialty Procedures (EKG, spirometry, stress testing, echocardiograms

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